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Miracle Exclusives, Inc.
Celebrating its 40th Anniversary

It started 40 years ago with just one juice extractor -- the "Perfect Juicer" -- which Miracle Exclusives' founder, Ernest Brunswick, imported from France for distribution in the fledgling American market of nutrition-minded consumers.

In fact the success story of Miracle Exclusives reads like a history of the health and natural foods movement itself. The success of the venture to import the "Perfect Juicer" quickly led to a second juicer from France, then pressure cookers from Italy, then grain mills from Germany, and an ever-expanding variety of health related appliances and specialty tools for gourmet cooking and living. As the infant industry matured, new products were needed, and appliances designed for new capabilities and efficiency were produced with the Miracle Exclusives label in addition to products with well-known brand names from all over the world: Aeternum (Italy), Jupiter (Germany), Santos (France), Biosta (Canada), Panasonic (Japan), Samap (France)Soehnle (Switzerland) and many others.

Miracle Exclusives' involvement in the natural products industry is not just historic but committed. Ernest Brunswick, founder and president of Miracle Exclusives, is a past president of the Natural Nutritional Foods Association. Today the company's dedication to supplying the expanding consumer need for quality appliances to obtain the highest nutrient level from fresh foods is intact and geared toward the future.

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