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Biosta� Three-Tier Sprouter Clear[ME85]

Biosta� Three-Tier Sprouter Clear

Biosta� Three-Tier Sprouter Clear[ME85]


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The Biosta� Sprouter is an easy to use sprouting system for making a variety of nutritious sprouts right in the kitchen. The Biosta� Sprouter has three nesting 7-3/4" diameter sprouting trays, a water collection tray and a lid. Using the sprouter is simplicity in itself. First insert the red drainage caps in each tray. Then cover the ribbed surface of each tray with a thin layer of seeds. Next pour approximately 1 pint of warm water into the top tray. The unique design allows the trays to successively drain into one another - leaving approximately 1-2 tablespoons of water in the ribbed bottoms of each tray. This is just sufficient to produce the proper humidity for quick germination. For small seeds such as alfalfa, cress or mustard you only need to re-water once in 4 days; You can purchase a variety of seeds at health foods stores. Depending on room temperature and lighting conditions your sprouts should be ready in between 3 and 5 days after initial watering. Not only are the sprouts you make guaranteed fresh (because you germinated them) but they are considerably more economical than buying them at the supermarket. The Biosta� Sprouter is available in either tinted green or clear plastic and comes with complete instructions and several recipes. The Biosta� is made in Canada. * Three Nesting 7-3/4" diameter sprouting trays * Sprouts ready 3-5 days after inital watering * Made in Canada.


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