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Coffee Shop Grinder[SAN63]

Coffee Shop Grinder

Coffee Shop Grinder[SAN63]


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Building on the company’s long experience manufacturing coffee grinders Santos has introduced its most powerful coffee shop grinder. The SAN63 is the ideal appliance for all locations that prepare and distribute large amounts of ground coffee. This includes coffee shops, supermarkets, roasters, and others. The SAN63 is infinitely adjustable from drip grind to extremely fine Turkish coffee.

The grinder incorporates 120 mm precision grinding disks, which can be re-sharpened. The average output is between 2 and 4 pounds per minute depending on the grind selected.

The height of the bag holder is just under 16 inches. This allows the grinder to easily accommodate a 2 pound coffee bag.

The SAN63 also offers additional features that make it the ideal choice. They include

  1. Vibrating plate for even distribution of ground coffee
  2. Large 2.6 pound hopper
  3. Very silent, brushless motor with a 5 year warranty
  4. Easy to use and adjust – may be adapted for self service locations.


The physical characteristics are: Width 11”, Depth 13”, Height 27”, Weight 88 pounds.

Motor: 100-120VAC 60 Hz input 1500 watts.