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Manual Poppy Seed Grinder[ME565]

Manual Poppy Seed Grinder

Manual Poppy Seed Grinder[ME565]


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Miracle Exclusives is pleased to introduce an updated manual poppy seed grinder. The new mill is easily fastened to your table or work surface by pressing down on the top of the mill while moving the suction lever forward. The vacuum created in the base will hold the mill to the surface. The grinder body and milling worm are made of durable, pure stainless steel. During milling the poppy seeds only come in contact with the stainless steel parts. The grinder is easy to assemble and equally easy to disassemble for cleaning. The fineness of the output is fully adjustable. The physical characteristics of the mill are: Height: 9� Width: 5.5� Depth: 12� (Including the wire dish holder) Weight: 2 lbs 14 oz


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