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Samap Manual Stone Mill[220]

Samap Manual Stone Mill

Samap Manual Stone Mill[220]


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A Samap Hand Grain Mill Is Durable Only natural stone is used throughout, the Hand Grain Mill has grinding stones of Naxos/Basalt embedded in stabilised Magnesite. The grinding stones will not need any resharpening even after years of continuous use. The Samap Hand Grain Mill is Versatile All kinds of dry and hard grain can be ground, only oily grains that would 'cake' the stones should be avoided. Grains that can be ground include rice, wheat, rye, oats, buckwheat and barley, even corn. A Samap Hand Grain Mill is Simple and Safe to Use As with all the Samap grain mills, the feeding speed can be adjusted, allowing the grinding capacity to be set according to the grain to be milled, for example, durum wheat is harder than normal wheat and needs to be fed-in more slowly. * Dimensions: 11ins (D) x 14ins (H) * Weight: 20 lbs * Capacity: 30-80 grams/min


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