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SAN52G - High Output Citrus Juicer[SAN52G]

SAN52G - High Output Citrus Juicer

SAN52G - High Output Citrus Juicer[SAN52G]


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A larger, more powerful citrus juicer is our model SAN52G. This juicer is equipped with interchangeable cones to accommodate the different size fruit you can juice. An anti-splash dome prevents juice or pulp splatter. The juicer is designed for continuous operation with no routine maintenance except normal cleaning. The high position of the output spout gives you the option of collecting your juice in a glass or in a pitcher up to 8 inches tall. The normal output is above 5 gallons per hour. All removable parts are dishwasher safe. The unit complies with NSF, UL, and CE standards. Height: 19" Width: 8" Depth: 12" Weight: 21 lbs Output: Above 5 gallons per hour