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The Simple Soybean and Your Health[542]

The Simple Soybean and Your Health

The Simple Soybean and Your Health[542]


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Description Discusses the many amazing nutritional qualities of soyfoods. By Mark Messina, PhD, Virginia Messina, RD, Kenneth Setchell, PhD. 223 pages. Table of Contents Part I. The Dawning of a New Age in Nutrition The Golden Ages of Nutrition Soybeans, A Nutritional Powerhouse A Little History of a Mighty Bean Part II. Soybeans and Cancer Cancer - The Facts How the Body Makes a Cancer Cell Anticarcinogen - A big Word That Can Save Your Life Isoflavones - The Best of the Anticarcinogens Soyfoods and Cancer Prevention Part III. Soybeans and Other Diseases Heart Disease - Still Number One Diabetes - The All-American Affliction Four More Western Ailments Part IV. The Optimal Diet Defining the Optimal Diet Putting the Optimal Diet Into Practice Making the Transition to the Optimal Diet A Compendium of Soyfoods Fourteen Days of Menus Soyfood Recipes

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