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Smoothies! Book by Dan Titus[549]

Smoothies! Book by Dan Titus

Smoothies! Book by Dan Titus[549]


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Description The author, Dan "The Smoothieman" Titus , April 29, 2000 Wanna get the Skinny on Professional Smoothies? I began my quest for the perfect smoothie years ago when I used to tour as a drummer. The rigors of the road made it difficult to eat right. So, I began packing a blender and juicer along for the tour dates. I found that is was well worth the effort to squeeze fresh juice and blend smoothies while traveling. I've always been a nutritional advocate, so I began to spread the word about smoothies. In 1992, I started Juice Gallery, a multimedia publishing and restaurant consulting firm,... In December, 1999, we established The Juice & Smoothie Association, which is a trade association dedicated to promoting the Juice & Smoothie Industry worldwide. So, why write a book about smoothies? It is about time that someone set the record straight about what smoothies really are and where they originated. I have taken the best of my research and consulting experience in the industry, and have provided for you, the smoothie lover! - Did you know the first use of the word smoothie was a trade name for women's under garments? I've found that, in general, people are confused about what a smoothie really is. There are manufacturers putting purees in cans and bottles and calling these drinks smoothies. There are dairy smoothies, nondairy smoothies, slush smoothies, powder smoothies and on-and-on. I want to tell you what a real smoothie is by providing you a history of the retail juice/smoothie business, AND providing you with the same quality recipes that the professional juice/smoothie companies use. In fact, I not only provide you with the time-tested recipes used in many juice/smoothie bars, but I went to my friends in the industry and got recipes from them, too. Companies like: Crazy Carrot, Jamba Juice, Juice it Up!, Juice Stop, Planet Smoothie, Robeks Juice, and Smoothie King. Each of these companies contributed several recipes. (Click on the thumbnail picture above to see the logos for these companies). There you have it, anything and everything about smoothies. I am convinced that this book will provide you with all the answers to your smoothie questions! Healthy Regards, Dan "The Smoothieman" Titus, chief banana peeler, The Juice & Smoothie Association, president, Juice Gallery MultiMedia The publisher, Shelly Kelly, Juice Gallery , December 23, 1999 Make Smoothies @ Home Just Like The Pro's! Dan Titus, popularly known as "The Smoothie Man", is chief banana peeler of The Juice and Smoothie Association and president of Juice Gallery, a multimedia publishing firm. Dan has created the "bible" of all smoothie books with, Smoothies! The Original Smoothie Book - Recipes From the Pro's. This book defines the smoothie by the players who are the Juice & Smoothie Industry. Dan is a nutritional advocate and author of several books about the juice and The Juice & Smoothie Bar Industry Analysis and The Smoothie Kiosk Business Plan. He is also editor of The Juice Review, which is a companies like Jamba Juice, Crazy Carrot, Juice It Up!, Juice Stop, Planet all part of the whimsical trend know as the Juice & Smoothie Industry. Each of the companies mentioned above contributed some of their own special recipes for this book. That's right! make smoothies at home just like the pro's, using some of the same recipes that are on the menu in these famous juice/smoothie stores! There are new "smoothie" books popping up in books stores every day; however none possess the wealth of knowledge that Dan brings to the subject of smoothies. Highlights history about the juice & smoothie biz This book defines what a comprehensive book ever written about smoothies ever published! Drink this book... ...Get healthy; stay healthy with this book!

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