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Sprouts The Miracle Food By Steve Meyerowitz[548]

Sprouts The Miracle Food By Steve Meyerowitz

Sprouts The Miracle Food By Steve Meyerowitz[548]


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Description SPROUTS THE MIRACLE FOOD The Complete Guide to Sprouting by Steve Meyerowitz. Illustrated by Michael Parman ISBN #1-878736-04-3. 224pg. ppbk. Sproutman Publications, July, 1999 Let the Sproutman show you the joys of indoor organic gardening. Learn how to grow delicious baby greens and mini-vegetables -- just one week from seed to salad. This guide can make anyone a self sufficient gardener of sprouts that are bursting with concentrated nutrition. Includes the most comprehensive nutrition charts on sprouts in print, plus common questions and answers, seed resources section, illustrations, photo's & Charts. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Regaining My Health My Apartment Garden Fed Hundreds World's Most Economical & Nutritious Food Small Investment The Agriculture of Tomorrow is Here Today SPROUT IT! Vertical Germination Of Seeds Multiple Generations Why Not A Jar Advantages Of A Vertical Sprouter THE TECHNIQUE Create Your Own Sprouter 5 Easy Steps to Health! Wash Seeds and Baskets Soaking Seed How To Rinse Three Methods of Rinsing How to Drain How to Harvest When to Harvest Number of Days To Maturity Harvest Times For Chlorophyll Sprouts What Seeds To Sprout How To Set Up Your Kitchen Hydroponic Vs. Soil Grown GROWING GRAINS & BEANS How to Use A Sprout Bag The Jar vs. The Sprout Bag The Sprout Bag for Gelatinous Seeds Other Uses For Your Sprout Bag AFTER THEY'VE GROWN Life Expectancy Refrigeration About Light Cleaning Seed Hulls Cleaning Sick Sprouts Fear of Mold Hydrogen Peroxide For Prevention of Mold SEEDS Over 30 Varieties---Their Tastes and Growing Times Wheatgrass Gelatinous Seeds On Growing Garlic & Onion Getting Organic Seeds Characteristics of Good Sprouting Seed Storage of Seeds NUTRITION The Miracle of Germination Protein Content of Sprouts& Other Vegetarian Foods Protein Comparison Of Lettuce & Sprouts Trace Mineral Content of Sprouts and Seeds Mineral Content of Fresh Sprouted Beans Vs. Other Vegetarian Foods Vitamin Content of Sprouts Sprouts Are More Than Nutrients! Energy Content of Sprouts vs. Other Vegetarian Foods Radish Sprouts vs. Mature Radish Vegetable Digesting Sprouted Beans NATURAL TOXINS IN BEANS Do Natural Toxins in beans Help or Hurt? Anti-Oxidants & Anti-Carcinogens EARTH & WATER Pesticides The 12 Most Infamous Agricultural Chemicals Foods Containing The Highest Pesticide Residues Using Pure Water for You and Sprouts How To Choose A Water Purifying Device Mechanical Purifiers & Filters Distillers COMPOSTING Building A Composter Growing Soil-Free Buckwheat, Sunflower, Wheatgrass How To Use Wheatgrass MIXING N' MATCHING SEEDS Liquid Kelp---Nature's Finest Fertilizer Sprouting Gelatinous Seeds Commercial Sprouters Automatic Sprouters Questions & Answers with Sproutman Review of Technique SPROUTING SEED CHART RESOURCES BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX From the Back Cover of Sprouts The Miracle Food The Agriculture of Tomorrow is Here Today. Our grandparents bought their food from the local farm. Today, it flies in on airplanes after being sprayed with chemicals, irradiated and genetically altered. It's enough to topple the Jolly Green Giant....or give him cancer. Can we keep our food pure, fresh, local, and available year round- Yes! For the price of beans! As the world population multiplies, the kitchen of tomorrow will grow food in addition to preparing it. Why wait? The secrets to creating self-sufficient, organic meals are just pages away. The Kitchen of Tomorrow Will Grow Food in Addition to Preparing It. Your friends & family will delight in eating fresh, organic young vegetables in the middle of the Winter. Sprouts are baby plants at their most nutritious stage. They're bubbling with enzymes and phyto-chemicals. You can feel their vitamins! Twice the protein of Spinach! Four times the protein of lettuce. Flavors like succulent buckwheat lettuce, hearty baby sunflowers and spicy garlic chives. Introduce them into your kitchen and bring sunshine to your diet. No green thumb and no soil necessary. It's Easy. It's Fun. This book shows you how. Dedication "God Bless Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas, Prophets of Health and Spirit, Whose Teachings Have Given Birth to a New Generation of Healers" Reviews "This is definitely the complete guide to the seeds and tools necessary to cultivate hundreds of pounds of food. ... A book overflowing with information. There is an integrity of good health here. And Meyerowitz writes with just the right pent-up passion to make converts of us all." --Book Reader Magazine, July 1997. "This guide can make anyone a self-sufficient gardener of sprouts that are bursting with concentrated nutrition. And no one says it better than the man of greens himself--the Sproutman." --Natural Foods Merchandiser. January 1998. "Meyerowitz is definitely the Sproutman. We never knew there were so many sprouts --- so many flavors and textures. ... The medicinal properties of these little plants, not to mention their prodigious nutrition does indeed make them a miracle food." --Healthy Times Magazine, March 1998. View An Excerpt from Sprouts the Miracle Food Not all of us can be gardeners. But we all eat. Fact is, if you don't grow your own, someone has to do it for you. Not a bad concept, but in reality, we're on the losing end. A trip to the supermarket proves it. The lettuce is lifeless; the spinach is wilting and dark around the edges. You don't dare eat the fruit for fear of fumigants, fertilizers, pesticides and the like. As a nation, we're eating less and less of the healthiest foods on the planet--fresh fruit and vegetables. Where are the fruits and vegetables- For the most part, you'll find them in the canned food aisle. No wonder kids grow up never liking their vegetables! Of course, you could shop at the health food store. But organic produce some-times cost more than you want to spend--if you can find it at all. Unfortunately, we don't all live in southern California and we don't all have the time or means to garden. Here's where apartment gardening comes in. Every week a new harvest of fresh baby greens matures right in your own kitchen. No tools to buy, no big investment in garden equipment, no bugs or weather to worry about and no dirt. One pound of indoor lettuce takes up just 9 inches of counter-top space and one actual minute of care per day. Just dip and set. Light is no problem--normal daylight is all you need. For such little effort, the possibilities are magnificent-30 delicious varieties of fresh, nutritious indoor greens and baby vegetables, enough to feed the whole family!

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